ELSAORIOL ( Paris 1967 )

"Untitled VII"


Painted in 2011
Signed lower left
Oil on canvas: 92 x 73 cm
Artist Biography:
All rights reserved

Elsa Oriol, was born in Paris in 1967, worked several years as an interior designer before she decided to become a full time painter and an illustrator of children’s books, her sophisticated work captures her sense of modesty and relates to her emotions.

U. S. A
The Patchwork Torah, Kar-Ben publishing, 2014
Red Canoe - Spider, Cricket Magazine Group, 2013
Published by Panamericana Editorial
La Nueva,The New Student, 2014

Published by Kaléidoscope
The Magician and the Tightrope Walker by Elsa Oriol, September 2014
The Nightmare, 2011
The Funeral, 2010
Barnaby’s Pee, 2010
Demeter and Persephone, 2009
I am a Fairy (but not all the time) Pierre Grosz (Author) Elsa Oriol (Illustration), 2009
The Six Swanns by Grimm, October 2008
The Ten Little Chicks, March 2008
Bluebeard by Charles Perrault , September 2007
Posters for Kaléidoscope
La nouvelle
Where is my Baby, March 2006
Christmas in Alaska, November 2005
Published by L’école des Loisirs
Cinderella, Collection Lutin Poche, 2013
Cinderella, awarded by the Ministry of Education in 2012
Published by Hatier
René by François-René de Chateaubriand (front cover of the novel), March 2007